Limit’s product range breaks down into 6 market segments and covers everything from simple easy to use tools right through into market leading, newly developed high tech products. There are over 700 individual products to choose from. Product development is ongoing, focuses strongly on the needs of the end user or operator  and uses the latest electronic technology and new materials to deliver cutting edge equipment to the measuring tools market. The European measuring market alone is estimated at £5 billion and continues to grow at 8% per annum because of falling electronic prices, the need for increasing efficiency & quality from end users plus the demand for improved environments and reduced energy consumption.

Major trends affecting and increasing the measuring market include a demand for higher accuracy to drive increased efficiency and lower costs, higher IP classifications (resistance to dust and fluid/water  ingress) for tools such as vernier calipers and ever expanding wireless communication using apps in mobile devices. Limit is effectively responding to these challenges and is also concentrating on using new technology to simplify and improve the usage of measuring instruments.