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Top 5 Engineers Tools

If you’re an engineer, you’ll know that finding the very best tools is crucial. As a brand Limit have a lot to offer engineers, who are one of the largest proportions of our clientele. Behind every design and product, there is a sturdy foundation of knowledge, experience and in-depth consumer research. Accuracy, ease of use […]

Tool Focus: Screw Pitch Gauge

Thread gauge

Screw pitch gauges are used to measure the pitch or lead of a screw thread. They are used as a reference tool to determine the pitch of a screw thread or in a tapped hole. These gauges are not used a precision measuring tool but lets the user decide the profile of the thread and […]

Tool Focus: Hole Diameter Gauge

Taper Gauge

Limits bore gauge is designed for precision measurement of hole diameters in the range 0 – 5mm. The needle has a taper of 1:10 and gives a direct reading to 0.01mm with a Vernier scale. The needle is specially hardened and ground with nickel plating for heavy usage. When not in use the needle is […]

Tool Focus: Micrometer Base

Depth gauge

Limit’s Bench Micrometer is designed for holding your hand micrometers in place whilst taking bench top measurements. They can be used on any micrometer where the frame is suitable for gripping by the clamp. For the tiltable model the angle can be varied and the clamping range is 7 – 16mm with a leg measurement […]

Tool Focus: IP67 Digital Vernier Caliper

Digital Vernier Caliper

Specifically developed for use in areas where the highest resistance to waters, oils, coolants and dust is required Limit’s IP67 digital caliper is available in measuring ranges of 150, 200 and 300mm. This is a versatile 4 function tool which allows outside measurement, inside measurement, depth and height measurement and can also be used for […]

Tool Focus: Durometers Shore A Hardness Tester

Shore A meter

Shore A hardness tester (also called Durometers) is used to measure the hardness of soft materials such as rubber, polymers, elastomers and leather. They work by measuring the indentation in the material when the impact tip hits the sample and has a measuring range in Shore A of 0 -100. High numbers on the scale […]

Tool Focus: Leeb Hardness Tester

Leeb Hardness Tester

The Leeb Rebound Hardness Test is one of the most used methods for determining metal hardness and is mainly used for testing reasonably large workpieces. Metals that can be tested using this portable hardness tester and non-destructive method include, steel, stainless, cast iron, aluminium, brass, bronze and copper. Steel Hardness Tester Limit’s Leeb tester allows […]

Limit Measuring Tools UK Limited Launches Across The UK & Ireland

Limit Measuring Tools UK has been established to promote the North European market-leading brand, Limit, in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Limit brings the expected Scandinavian quality matched with excellent value for money to the fast-growing market for measuring tools and lasers. Limit’s intention is to deliver 90% of the quality of the market […]