Limit Measuring Tools UK Limited Launches Across The UK & Ireland

Limit Measuring Tools UK has been established to promote the North European market-leading brand, Limit, in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Limit brings the expected Scandinavian quality matched with excellent value for money to the fast-growing market for measuring tools and lasers. Limit’s intention is to deliver 90% of the quality of the market leader in each sector at 75% of the cost.

Different Types of Measuring Tools

The Limit range is very much focussed on matching professional users’ needs and on the usability of the tools themselves. Making use of rapidly evolving technologies with new materials and production methods Limit’s objectives for all their tools are to increase efficiency, improve production quality and reduce cost: the virtuous circle.

Vernier callipers are a good example of new technologies significantly improving accuracy, speed of use and accountability in industrial processes. Latest offerings from Limit include the first IP67 rated electronic caliper in the market which is resistant to water, oils, coolants and other liquids likely to be encountered in modern industrial manufacturing. Similarly the Limit CDM Flex LCD digital caliper has been designed for use with both left and right hand to take measurements from the top and bottom through its patented adjustable tiltable and rotating display. These attributes make it ideal for use in the most inconvenient places such as multi-operational numerically controlled lathes.

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