Limit is very active in the laser market with both rotating and cross-line laser tape measure on offer. High-performance distance meters, cross line lasers, rotating lasers, laser sets, tripods and accessories.

Limit’s flagship product launched in late 2017 is the model 1080 Multi Cross Line Laser with 3 very bright 360° red lines, one horizontal and 2 vertical. This has what we believe to be the brightest and sharpest line and cross on the market. The digital tape measure is available in red and features a pulsating light for use outdoors and in bright rooms in conjunction with a receiver/detector. The model 1080 operates with a self levelling laser which can be switched off to show inclined /sloping planes.

Next laser measure is the model 1001 compact pocket laser with 2 lines which are the brightest and sharpest lasers on the market. The electronic tape measure is available in 2 versions with red lines and also green ones which has the considerable benefit of 4 times better visibility than the red making it ideal for use in bright environments with a receiver/detector. Both have a vertical and horizontal line.

Model 360 is a red cross line laser with a 360 horizontal line and 2 verticals. Lines can be shown individually or all on together. Has a pulsing mode function for external locations or bright rooms and operates with a receiver/detector.

All these lasers come as kits housed in a carry case with shoulder strap. There is also a range of accessories and tripods for every situation.


Cross-Line Laser Accessories

Accessories for cross line lasers


Rotating Laser Accessories

Accessories for rotating lasers


Rotating Laser Accessories

Accessories for rotating lasers


Cross Line Lasers

Cross line laser 1002 HVP


Laser Accessories

Cross line laser kit 1001 HV


Cross Line Lasers

Cross line laser Limit 360V2