Tool Focus: Durometers Shore A Hardness Tester

Shore A meter

Shore A hardness tester (also called Durometers) is used to measure the hardness of soft materials such as rubber, polymers, elastomers and leather. They work by measuring the indentation in the material when the impact tip hits the sample and has a measuring range in Shore A of 0 -100. High numbers on the scale indicate a greater resistance to indentation and thus harder materials whilst the reverse applies.

Shore A

Limit’s Shore A Hardness Tester features a spring-loaded measuring tip which is held against the material which should be at least 12mm from the edge and the material should be a minimum of 6mm. Calibration is carried out against a test block supplied with the tester. A feature of this tester is the function where an average reading based on 2-9 measurements can be calculated.

The rugged case protects the tester and included is a test block and steel sheet to calibrate the readings. The tester meets all the requirements of DIN 53505, ISO 868 and ASTM D 2240 standards of performance.

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