Tool Focus: Hole Diameter Gauge

Taper Gauge

Limits bore gauge is designed for precision measurement of hole diameters in the range 0 – 5mm. The needle has a taper of 1:10 and gives a direct reading to 0.01mm with a Vernier scale. The needle is specially hardened and ground with nickel plating for heavy usage. When not in use the needle is protected with a push on the sleeve.

A simpler hole measuring tool with a wider range is Limit’s tapered stainless steel gauge. This measures 1 – 15mm in 0.1mm increments and is a handy 120mm long. It has a thickness of 1.2mm for stiffness in use. The gauge has a matt finish for easier reading. For storage, the taper gauge has a hanging hole.

Taper Gauge

For accurate readings the tapered gauge should be inserted into the hole in an upright position. On the rear face there is a diameter correction table for the inside measurement of pipes.

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