Tool Focus: Leeb Hardness Tester

Leeb Hardness Tester

The Leeb Rebound Hardness Test is one of the most used methods for determining metal hardness and is mainly used for testing reasonably large workpieces. Metals that can be tested using this portable hardness tester and non-destructive method include, steel, stainless, cast iron, aluminium, brass, bronze and copper.

Portable Hardness Tester

Steel Hardness Tester

Limit’s Leeb tester allows for Brinell, Rockwell B & C and Vickers measurements. It is designed to be easy and quick to use. Simply select the impact direction, material code and the scale required, apply the probe to the object being tested, release the spring mechanism and read the value. Job done.

The Limit tester is provided in a small and rugged protective aluminium case to ensure years of use.

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