Tool Focus: Screw Pitch Gauge

Thread gauge

Screw pitch gauges are used to measure the pitch or lead of a screw thread. They are used as a reference tool to determine the pitch of a screw thread or in a tapped hole. These gauges are not used a precision measuring tool but lets the user decide the profile of the thread and quickly categorise the thread by shape and pitch. Crucially the tool saves time as it removes the need for the user to measure and calculate the thread pitch. This tool is for approximate measurement of a known thread standard and not for accurate measurement of an unknown thread of, for instance, a hand turned thread from a lathe.

Once the radius gauge has been determine extend one of the leaves of the tool; and press it against the threaded portion of the screw. If the teeth match the spacing of the thread then the thread pitch can be read off the stamp leaf. If the fit is not good try a different leaf and continue you get the match.

Radius Gauge

Limit manufactures an invaluable range of screw pitch gauges all with folding blades and used to determining internal and external threads. Thread systems that are covered are: W, M, M/UNC, UNC-UNF and G rur. (R). The number of blades varies by system from 6 for G rur. to 55 for M/UNC.

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